Smegma Riot


Smegma Riot is the excitement your life was craving for! Their erupting Punk Rock will submerge you, dragging your limbs into a magmatic sound and orgiastic dancing. A sonic bukkake will throw in your face love and excitement, fear and loath, poetry and protest. Submit your will to the Italian Stallions of Punk Rock and take your one way ticket to music madness….. 

They’ve brought their rocking bandwagon all over China and Europe for 11 years and now they come next to your door…Can you hear them scratching? Come out and boogie, all hell breaks loose!
 Somebody wrote about them: 「Smegma Riot is a band with a sound reminiscent of the Ramones or the Dead Kennedys, but with the accent of The Godfather and the hair of Borat. The Illuminati and Knights Templar were mere amateurs compared to the influence Smegma Riot has had on the modern world」.…or…………………………..」Although the Sex Pistols may be gone, the Ramones may be dead, Smegma Riot are just getting into their stride, and they know it. They’ve got a sound that can blow the minds of audiences in China and it’s just a matter of time before the rest of the world succumbs. Always taking it seriously the band add: “It’s punk with Italian characteristics. Our songs speak about love, sex, peace, and fart jokes…oh and against fascism.”from: I predict a riot , Matthew Jukes , Global Times 

And, of course, is 100% biodegradable!

2004年来自义大利南方的几个年轻人组建了义大利种马朋克队(SMEGMA RIOT),他们的音乐具有强烈的地中海激情,他们受义大利70年代朋克和摇滚音乐的影响,创作了独具风格的,属於他们自己的摇滚-朋克音乐。他们的表演不但是一个PUNK ROCK SHOW, 更是一个具有浓烈义大利风格的摇滚幽默喜剧。舞台上的他们撕开了生活压抑下僞装的面具,在音乐中重新回归人类最原始的欲望,他们宣泄愤怒、渴望激情。SMEGMA RIOT认爲一个乐队的成功不是通过全球网际网路点击量而被认定的,而是有多少热爱摇滚的朋友决定来看演出并爲你而流汗、跳舞、笑起来、哭起来这样的互相接触才算是成功。
在中国的十多年,种马朋克队一直以爲人民摇滚的精神给所有热爱摇滚的朋友提供义大利式摇滚表演。「摇滚吧! 妈妈!!!

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表演乐队 1:

Groupe Electrogène Fanfare Club


“The Groupe Électrogène Fanfare Club started as the ultimate side project of a pack of homesick Frenchies who longed for their homeland’s ‘ferias’, or festivals, with their boisterous atmosphere and their famous marching bands. Electrically self-powered, they pay tribute to classic French songs and melodies, fueled with pastis and camaraderie. So grab a glass of rosé wine and come closer, we bet you won’t be able to resist dancing!”

About the band
     Brass Band (feria style)
o Band from Hong Kong, since 2016
o About 10 to 15 members to each gig

• JE: Susaphone

• JEM: Euphonium

• Seb, Romain, Pierre, Marco, Joseph: Trumpets

• Clément, Erwan, Alex, Clément: Saxophones
• Sirus: French Horn
• LJ: clarinet
• Sandy: Trombone
• Pierre, Mihail: Big drums
• Adrien: electric guitar
• Ben, Olive: snare drum
• Malik: singer

o 30 concerts per year

• Hong Kong – Clockenflap 2016, Lan Kwai Fung Rugby 7’s party, French May (Central Harbour Front), Cheung Chau Wave Festival, Volvo Race Festival at Kai Tak Runway Park and numerous gigs in local bars (Peel Fresco, Sense 99, The Wanch, Drop Club…)

• China – Shenzhen Fringe Festival 2017, (winner of the battle of the Band)

• Taiwan, Apr. 2017 –  Taipei (Revolver bar)

• Macau, 2 times in 2017 (LMA, Grand Hyatt)

o about 20 covers song in a Brass Band style

表演乐队 2:

Shumking Mansion


「Shumking Mansion is an Indie band from Hong Kong that plays an intense blend of upbeat Dance Rock and Synth Pop with a Psychedelic energy. Described as 「one of the most mesmeric new acts on Hong Kong circuit」 they are a live band who engage crowds and project their intense sets with imagination and energy…
Welcome to the mansion!」

About the band
     Disco Dance Rock
o Band from Hong Kong, since 2014
o 4 members

• Zaid guitar/vocals (Bangladesh)

• Shum bass (Malaysia)

• Kent drums (Canada)

• Jem keytar (France)

o 40 concerts per year

• Hong Kong – Clockenflap 2017, Secret Island Party 2014 & 2015, Lamma Fun Days 2015 & 2017, Hidden Agenda Rooftop Party, The Wanch, etc

• China – Shenzhen Fringe Festival 2016 & 2017, Zuhai Dec 2017

• Malaysia, March 2016, Feb. 2018 – Kuala Lumpur, Penang

• Europe, Sept. 2016 – France (Paris, Lille), UK (London), Spain (Madrid)

• Taiwan, Apr. 2017 – Kaohsiung, Taipei, Taichung

• Korea, May 2017 – Seoul

• Macau, Sept. 2017

• Thailand, Jan 2018 – Bangkok

o 20 songs originals
o Disco Dystopia, first EP released in 2017 : available on Spotify, iTunes and many others

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